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The Rainy Time Screensaver is not the best and realistic one, really
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The Rainy Time Screensaver is a 3D screensaver. This screensaver is very boring and monotonous. Though developers say that when developing the Rainy Time 3D Screensaver they were thinking of recreating a mood of rain and they managed to recreate nothing but something odd and 'grey'. Developers say that having the Rainy 3D screensaver installed on your PC you will be able to see a view of rain through glass of a window. But after installing this screensaver it seemed to me that the developers never saw the rain through a window's glass. And I could not name those small odd spots the drops of the rain trickling down the glass. Also the developers have placed clock in the right upper corner of the screensaver but sometimes it is difficult to understand what time is it looking on the clock. Moreover, this screensaver is a shareware product, to receive the full version you will have to pay 14$! The trial version though is light weight and has no time limitations but it has some limitation of functionality. After trying this screensaver I did not have any wish to buy it. Also do not no what 'slight limitation of functionality' the developers were talking about as there was no any feature to customize the screensaver. Obviously they meant the minimizing and disappearing of the clock.

Andrew Do
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  • Shareware
  • No customizable features
  • Not realistic
  • Boring!
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